More and more people are getting a smart home system to make it easier to control their heating, lighting, irrigation and even blinds whether at home or away from their smart devices. Green Environmental Group offers smart home installation and a variety of smart home services to help you to make your home a smart home no matter how modern or traditional it currently is. Call 888-998-6588 to find out what we can do to make your home smart home.

Adapt to your needs

We can customize your smart home system so that it adapts to how you want it to be. Never again will you need to worry about whether or not you have left the heating on while you’re away or about returning to a cold home after a long day because you can simply switch it on/or off from anywhere by the use of WiFi Smart technology. Through the smart home services you can use your smart device to check cameras around the home, get the house warmed up for your return and even close the curtains or blinds if you notice it is getting dark without physically being there.

Security features

With Green Environmental Group smart home installation you will be able to switch lights on and off so that it looks like you are in even if you are not as well a controlling your home alarm system. If you leave the house and are not sure whether you have put your house alarm on, you can check from your smart device and put it on if necessary. If you have cameras installed as part of your home security you will be able to remotely check if there has been an intrusion and if not reset the alarm from wherever you are. If you are expecting visitors or prefer not to give your children the code to switch your alarm on and off you can get them to call you before entering the home so that you can turn it off on their return.

The smart switches for lights can be fitted to virtually any home and you can control whether to switch on/off one or a whole group of lights. By replacing your manual blinds and shades with motorized you can close them in one or all rooms when it starts to get dark using your smart home system.

Save money on energy bills

Having a HVAC control fitted as part of your smart home installation can stop your house being heated or cooled without anyone benefiting and can ensure you always return to a home that is an ambient temperature. This is great for people that are not sure what time they are going to finish up at work and can even save energy by only being on when you need it most.

Water your plants from anywhere in the world

If you have an irrigation system you don’t have to rely on neighbors, friends or family to water your plants. You can control the smart home system fitted by Green Environmental Group from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet. No more leaving your keys and worrying about whether or not your house sitters have locked up properly behind you. The only thing it can’t do is feed and walk your dog!

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